Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Personally, I have a hard time studying for any test on any topic and of course this isn’t by choice. I have Attention Deficit Disorder, which makes it hard for me to focus long enough to study or practice for tests. Along with getting enough rest and staying hydrated, I have found that splitting what I have to study up into smaller pieces makes the whole studying experience less daunting. Every day, I work on studying and/or practicing problems, starting with what I learned first, even if I don’t fully understand a piece I move on until I can review it later. To keep on moving forward and not staying on any problem longer than what is needed, until the cycle can be repeated before the test, helps me to prepare my mind for the time I will actually have to take the test. It is also very important to not stay on any piece that I don’t fully understand for too long or else I will waste a majority of my time on a problem that only makes up a small part of the test. Also, if I keep moving it keeps my brain moving, which not only prepares for the actual test taking, but also allows me to return to any problem with a fresher perspective than if I dwell on it and burn out. Before the test I always review before I go to bed and review when I wake up to make sure my brain has absorbed and still can understand the material. In the end, I recommend that every student not only “slice up” their studying loads, but also try to keep things fresh and not push so hard in the wrong frame of mind that they lose the interest or focus on other ways of solving the problem.

Hannah from Virginia
College Freshman
Virginia Western Community College