Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I think me study methods have defiantly improved over the years. When I was in high school, I rarely studied but I was still able to pass my test and homework. So when I started college, I had to quickly learn that college is a different world from High School. I did well overall my first semester, but just about average. My next two semesters after that were rocky, but last year I got serious about being successful in school. But I had to come up with study methods. I looked and looked for ways to study and also remember to do my assignments. So, I came up with a idea. I started using sticky notes so I can remember when test and assignments due. In each class, I would put what's due in each class so I can start studying or writing. To prepare for test, I would listen to music and chew gum while I rewrote the notes my professor gave me. The music kept me focused, and the gum would help me remember my notes. So when I took my test, I would sing the songs in my head while chewing the same flavor gum I studied with. To my surprise, it defiantly helped me remembering my notes and the test answers. I've used this method since then and have passed most of my test and exams. Of course, I wouldn't listen to distracting dance music. But music has defiantly helped me during studying as well as the gum. Music bring back memories for me, so I think this explains why music has helped me when it comes to studying.

Epiphany from Texas
College Sophomore
Dallas county community college district