Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a high school IB Diploma candidate, I found it to be a necessity to study for quizzes, semester exams and IB exams. I was exposed and introduced to very useful resources like Quizlet for example. Through this platform, I was able to easily study different material from a wide range of quiz sets made by other users, and through the convenience of the mobile app, I was able to even study every where internet was accessible. This app also had many different study methods to choose from that is best suitable to my learning type. I could play fun games that required me to correct my spelling to games where I can beat my own personal timed record to match terms to their definition. On a more concrete side, I was able to test myself on the material by going through the test option that gave me the definition and I had to choose the correct term out of four different possible answers just as a typical test would. Lastly, I was even able to focus on the content on where I most struggled in by starring the term and test myself on those specific questions to ensure I had a proficient understanding on the entire subject, and I didn't need to use unnecessary time on terms I already understood. Other than using Quizlet, I would often make my own, physical flash cards using index cards on topics I wasn't able to find quiz sets on the Quizlet app. This way, I could also apply to my learning type of physical studying rather than strictly online studying because I've realized I learn and retain information a lot more sometimes when I am physically writing something rather than typing it. Overall, it is beneficial for students to examine their own learning types to be aware of the different study techniques that best suits them and can help them be as successful as possible. There is no wrong way to study just as long as it is efficient.

Tiffany from Texas
High School Senior
Luther Burbank High School