Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I am preparing for a test I begin by first clearing my work space. Having a designated space to work and having it clean and prepared for success is an important first step for clearing your mind and preparing to begin a new project. After the work space is clean the next step I take when preparing for a test is to gather materials. This means gathering resources like text books, notes, flashcards, and papers. Throughout the studying and learning process if good notes are taken in an organized fashion this can help to create an easier test prep environment for the future. Using tools like flashcards and highlighters is effective for me to organize important material into sections. I have found that cramming material in the last minute before a test is usually not very effective. It is more effective to study consecutively throughout the term while learning the material then routinely refreshing through self quizzes and reviews. Often finding a friend or study partner to practice and review material with is a good technique for retaining and learning new material. Having a partner can help to motivate a person and keep one on task during a study session to help create a sense of accountability and camaraderie. Using flashcards in a question and answer format is helpful when learning definitions, vocabulary, or important dates. In addition to this there are websites that can help you build your own multiple choice question quizzes. This is a great tool for me because I find that when I read, then write, then repeat something I am most likely to commit it to memory this way. Repeating things over and over can sometimes work when trying to learn one or two pieces of information quickly, but it is more likely to be permanently retained if you take the time to write it down first then reread it as well. Truly the best tip I can give for preparing for a test is to give yourself plenty of time and start early. Do not procrastinate!

Alyssa from Oregon
College Junior
Colorado State University Global Campus