Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation starts way before you are going to have a test. I prepare for material by taking the time to learn and understand the material that could poissibily be on a test. Before a test is given out teachers usually have a lesson plan. I make sure to learn the new material, which is what should always be done. And if i dont understand a concept, I ask questions! Asking questions always works because if you dont know something at school, how will you know what to do for homework? And if you dont do the homework, you arent practicing. As a preparation practice I complete every homework assignment, even if I dont know the answer to each question I make sure I star that question and go ask for help the next class period. I think this works because you realize your mistakes, fix them, and most likely you'll have a simliar problem on the test and you'll know excatly what to do. Next, whenever I am having trouble i never give up on trying to figure out the answer, never losing hope. This works for me because having confidence will better prepare you to have a hgh confidence you will pass the test. Lastly, I always stay after school for concepts I have the most trouble with. I am one of those students who doesnt like to get anything below an A or B so when something is hard, I get help. I think this is a great test preparation that works for me because why not get help from the person who creates the test? If you think about it, me having so many practices in preparation for test, relates to the saying "practice makes perfect". When you constantly work on a subject, having mutiple techniques, the material is contantly playing in your head and by the time the test comes you know the material like the back of your hand!

lonye from Illinois
High School Senior
Dr Martin Lutrher King HS