Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices consist of two very simple techniques. Firstly, go back to basics. During my first half of high school I did not take the time to study and progressively it was causing me to lose my understanding of the subject. When I started to study for the ACT I discovered the benefit of studying basic skills. I find that if I concentrate on the base structure of the topic and find connections to the lesson I am trying to learn I am able to actually understand the topic rather than simply memorizing and forgetting the information after the test. The second test preparation practice I use is slightly more interesting. When preparing for a test if simple studying is not effective I like to add a little reinforcement. Food association is the best way to remember everything for a test. At first I thought this might only apply to certain people but once I let my friends in on this trick they saw great results. This is a great process to try out since we all need to eat so even if it does not work you get to multi-task. Basically anytime you come across a topic you are particularly struggling with take a bite of your favorite snack. Or perhaps chew a specific flavor of gum while you study and during the test. In order for this to be effective I have learned that you must be conscious about the action of eating and focus on the topic you are trying to learn. This will help you retain the information you are trying to learn. With these two test preparation topics combined you will find that you will flow through your tests much more smoothly. Try to use your understanding and connection to the basics to get through the majority of the test. Come back to the problems you struggled with in the end and use your food association from study time. While you are thinking about the food you had information from your study session will begin to flow back to your conscious mind. The best part is you will go home remembering the topic rather than forgetting it all.

Talia from California
College Freshman
Santa Monica College