Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a graduating high school senior I’ve taken a multitude of different test, weather they were state mandated or given by teachers. Even though test taking can be a hard, long, and complicated I know it’s important to just concentrate and trust yourself. Since I take my time and work hard for my grades, over time I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and discovered what truly works best for me to receive the best grade. So personally one of my favorite tactics to prepare is to start studying progressively week ahead of time of a quiz or test. This tactic helps me so that I won’t be cramming the night before an exam. I think this tactic will help so many different people because they will be able to cover everything on their test or quiz without feeling rushed. In addition I think this practice for test preparation will benefit others because as the week goes on you will continue to refresh your mind of the information your learning. Overall I believe this is one of my top methods for studying because although it takes perseverance to study all week long the results are always positive.

Even though studying different parts all week is a good strategy, I have another way to study that has been very helpful to me over the years. My other favorite studying technique would have to be writing the information three times. I feel like this method of repetition allows a person to see the information various and numerous ways to understand it more than just the scope created in class. This method is definitely unorthodox but I believe it allows the information to stick for a longer time. Also at least for me personally I feel as though I can envision my notebooks with my repeated notes while I’m taking the test. That comfort allows me to feel more confident while I’m actually taking the test. Ultimately it’s not easy to study for a test it takes time and the correct preparation but I know with my strategies that I can always feel confident on test day.

Vida from New Jersey
High School Senior
Columbia High School