Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout the existence of education, every student has had a point in their lives where their teacher reveals the frightening news of a test that is on the horizon. For many, this can be terribly worrying information. Fears spring about, from lacking the appropriate skills to concerns that the material on the test will be horribly unexpected. Despite this, there are still solid methods of preparation that can easily allow a student to conquer their dreaded exam.

The first step, before any reading or studying, is to start writing down as much as possible. You must know what you will be facing. Recording simple yet important information such as the day the confrontation is on, or what the test itself will include, should greatly assist in the process of interpretation. This will help to prepare as it will make the face-off more perceptible and realistic before it happens.

Next, after clearly understanding what the test is, it will come time to practice. Associating terms with definitions and gaining the ability to make logical inferences about the content will prove entirely important when the inevitable day comes. Knowledge of the actual material inside can be studied endlessly, until the moment arrives where you are confident and certain you can handle what will be put before you. The test-taker almost always has the preparatory advantage of spending as much time as they want to review their capabilities.

Lastly, each of the minutes leading up to the test can be used to your advantage. External factors like getting a good night's rest the day prior, or eating an empowering meal can also be helpful. These will maximize the abilities held, so that they may be utilized to their full potential. If all goes as planned, the test should be a snap. While there are always variables such as stress and environment that can alter results, it is best to remember that you have made the most of your time in preparing for this moment, and in believing that - you can succeed.

Wyatt from Virginia
High School Senior
Central High School