Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite and most effective way to study and maximize my brain for testing is study with a group and study on your own. These two methods work for me every time at least giving me a proper grade an on test. These methods work for me so well it gives my brain time to think, rest properly, and refresh the notes before you take said test. The pros of studying in a group there is a lot of ideas bouncing and different ways of thinking as well. Also, if you regurgitate information you will remember it more efficiently because you are talking to another person or a group of people. You can also visually stimulate your brain by writing or drawing out the information. These techniques are most efficient in math and science classes because these classes are majorly visually and tactile senses. I am more of a combo visual and tactile learner, so this technique will help. The cons of studying in a group it is easier to get off topic very easily. Especially if you are all friends or not just asking a random question can send the group down the rabbit hole of talking about many of different topics and not on the one that information at hand. Making it hard to get back on track because the brain has switched objectives and it is more interested in the conversation beforehand. The brain is a muscle that has different signals for many things, but it does like to wander off and get lost into things that doesn’t require a lot of work. It is good to relax because over working the brain can cause yourself to go blank and have a severe headache from overworking that major muscle. The Pros of studying on your own if you are a person that can’t focus with other individuals distracting you. Like getting into your meditative study zone in your head. Then studying in a group can be overwhelming, annoying, and uneventful when your done studying. That studying alone you are left to your own thoughts and you can go at the pace you are accustomed to but, can it lead to procrastination as well.

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