Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Many people including myself have anxiety when it comes to testing. There are many resources out there to prepare you for any test you are taking. The best test preparation would be monomeric. I was getting reading to take my entrance exam for nursing for the second time around when I purchased their “ ATI Teas Secrets “ study guide. This was my go-to when I was studying for my test. This book had so many practice exams that were similar to the actual test.which was very helpful because constant repetition is the path to greatness. When it comes to studying I have to continue to do practice problems. This book worked for me because it had many practice test. They also had videos that went with the subjects throughout the book. The study guide touches on all the subjects that will be on the exam. If anyone is preparing for the Teas exam, This particular study guide is the best. I truly appreciate all the information they put into this book. This book got me far, where I’m here entering for a scholarship to receive funding for my nursing program.

Georgiana from California
College Freshman
WestCoast University