Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I don't only THINK I have great test preparation skills, I KNOW I do! Not only did I recently graduate with a bachelor’s, but I am in the process of continuing on to my master’s degree. My personal list of test prep skills includes:
*audio learning/repetition
*visual studying/visualization
*word association/mnemonics
Beyond reading a given textbook chapter or assigned text, I try to find audio recordings online that cover the topic. I listen to those while driving, exercising, doing chores, or even while sleeping. Reader apps help focus on specific subject matter “lingo”, and aid in rogue memorization. Audio recordings from other sources help with comprehension of topics, if assigned texts just don't seem to make sense or "stick". I record myself in a question-and-answer style based on study guides, practice tests, or my notes. R

I have created a learning space in my house that has a lot of mirrors surfaces, which double as convenient writing surfaces. I use colored dry erase markers to jot down notes, draw diagrams and make visuals of the concepts, lists or mnemonics that I need to remember. Writing or drawing out concepts creates an image in my mind that I can draw from during a test and I use the writing surfaces to "test" my visual memory before the actual test.

Intuitive mnemonics help me memorize lists, process sequences, or correlations between concepts. Mnemonics can be in form of acronyms in capital letters, or may come together as word puzzles that incorporate several elements such as shapes, colors, as well as letters or numbers. Mnemonics may also be simple graphic depictions of concepts like a pyramid or pie chart.

An essential practice for my test prep includes something entirely non-study-material related. I limber up my mind and body beforehand with at least 10-15 minutes of basic breathing and yoga stretches. Not only does this counteract my sitting for long periods of time, but it also helps me gain focus during the testing.

Susanne from West Virginia
College Freshman
Western Governors University