Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

"Ionization energy increases as you move from left to right on the periodic table. Did you get that, Mr.Chalamander?" I ask my dog stuffed animal who has not been paying attention for the entire lesson!
"That's it!" I exclaim, completely fuming. I snatch away his phone and sent him to the doghouse (my closet) for the remainder of the class hour. "Now we can finally get on with our lesson without distraction, class!" I say to the other stuffed students, who stare at me blankly, almost as if they are not alive at all...

Okay. Maybe I get too involved whenever I teach my stuffed animals-I am a former drama student, after all-but I have found the practice of resounding the information I learn in class to any ear that will hear works wonders for retaining information. Leading up to testing day, I gather the subject material and summarize it neatly with bullet points in a composition notebook for my "lesson plan" that serves as a personal study guide as well. For the lesson, I read off each bullet point and expand on them to the best of my ability. I always allow my students to ask questions but only after I am done talking and NEVER while I am talking because "Respect the class, respect the teacher, respect yourself" is the first rule in my classroom.
By teaching the test material, I solidify it in my own mind. Sometimes, however, I am not always able to answer my students' questions due to there being holes in my own knowledge, and when that is the case, I do research pertaining the question at hand and get back to the student as soon as possible.
Admittedly, this method of studying is pretty silly; however, I think it is fun, and what sounds delusional to the next person is sounding like an A plus to me!

I look to my closet and figure it is time to get Tim-Tim Chalamander out of there.
"Have you learned your lesson?" I ask him sternly. He shoots me a lifeless, yet apologetic look.
Well, maybe he hasn't learned his lesson, but I have definitely learned mine!

Asha from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Edmond Santa Fe High School