Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Taking a test can be overwhelming and stressful. There are many students who feel panicked because they are scared that they are going to forget everything that they learned the minute that they open the test. Others choke under pressure and at the idea that the test is important and can affect them in a certain way. All of these things can be mended with a couple of test preparation practices. One of the biggest practices that I live by is to not study the night before. When I am taking any class, regardless of when I know the test is going to be, I study every evening and look over my notes for a minimum of 30 minutes. That way when I know about the test, I can feel much more confident about the material and the unit I`m taking the test over. In addition to always looking over my notes, when I do study the day before I make sure that I study no later than an hour before I`m going to bed. If I plan on going to bed at 9 p.m, then I will stop studying at 8 p.m. Then during that hour before I go to bed, I let my brain do tasks that don`t require me to think about anything, for example taking a shower or watching T.V. After that I go to bed because my brain has then had time to process the information and really grasp the concepts that I had just learned. Then when I wake up in the morning to take the test, the information is much more clear and crisp in my mind. In addition to that more scientific tip, I use colors to associate with certain units or concepts. That way I can use visual recollection on the test whenever I identify the unit that is being tested and I can visualize the color and the notes that were in that color. This works for me because it`s not about photographic memory, but associating concepts that you have already reviewed with the tips above, can help you mentally sort the information in folders, that way it`s easier to access when you need it. If you prepare with the tips above, you`ll not only feel more confident, but you WILL succeed.

Joryhebel from Texas
High School Senior
Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy