Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is something that often helps with getting the ideas and the concepts through to your understanding. The way I prepare for a test is by rereading the book and making a quizlet. A quizlet is a website that allows for the creation of digital note cards that can contain pictures and words. The way that the website works, once I put in all of the materials I will need to study, I can create a test that will auto generate that can be changed between true and false, multiple choice, matching, and selected response. That is not the only option on quizlet, there is a section where the words and pictures I put into the website to study can be a part of a custom game made by quizlet, or I can use the flash cards that the quizlet allows you to make. I would normally study for hours at a time using quizlet because seeing the words and definitions, and filling out the words for the selective response helps me remember the topic and the concepts needed for the test.
When reading the book, I will read a part over until I understand it in a way that I can relate to the topic. When I can not relate to the topic, I will have to remember key parts of the word or phrase that I need to study, I would relate the topic to different parts of life that I have experienced, and try different activities that I have participated in, usually the topic would be able to relate to something I have done in the past, which furthers my understanding of the topic, and the understanding of what happened during the time and why it happened. The way that I learn, I am a type of learner that has to do the work in order to know how it works. For example, in mathematics, I would have to use the formula in an equation in order to understand how the formula works and when to use it. When it comes to study and preparing for an exam, I take my time to carefully analyze what I am learning in order to see if what I’m learning makes sense, which it usually does. Studying is necessary.

Kane from Maryland
High School Senior
Academy of Health Sciences