Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I study best when I am alone.
It’s quiet, and I am mind blown.
Like I’m in space, in my own place.

When no one is around, I like to write.
I write to memorize, to my delight while I study at night.
Over and over again, to a never end.

I use the tools that I find online.
They come to my rescue like Optimus Prime.
Like Quizlet and Mometrix, while not breaking a sweat.

I’m careful not to start the night before,
That’s procrastinating – something I deplore;
Because that is scary, like cereal with no dairy.

I always study, a week in advance.
So that on test day I have a fighting chance.
Believe me, preparation is the key, and I do it every time with fresh hot tea.

I usually aim to get enough rest,
Because it’s vital like how a bird needs a nest.
So, let me attest; this way, I can perform my best on the test.

On the day of, I always have gum.
I conceal it in my pocket so that people won’t ask for some.
It sounds odd, but it’s got me through a lot. Thank God.

Chewing gum can improve memory in the brain.
I always do it for good breath, and so I won’t go insane.
That’s why I don’t cram, whenever I’m taking exams.

It is essential, to be honest, and not ever to cheat,
Because that is dishonest and will result in defeat.
So, if you don’t cheat then the victory is sweet just like a treat.

These methods work, and it’s proven just fine
Look at me now, junior in college, and doing just fine.
I will finish soon, achieving my dreams as high as the moon.

So, in the end, this is all that I have to say:
Study well, don’t cheat, and you’ll make it out okay
Then celebrate and say “Yay!” because you just got that A.

Anthony from Georgia
College Junior
Georgia State University