Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Thinking about an upcoming test can quickly become stressful! Repetition, true understanding, and asking for help will go a long way when preparing for tests. To help ease this stress, I try and keep a clear head and calm spirits.
For the studying part, it is helpful for me to write out my notes in a detailed manner, and then always bringing it back to understand how each concept fits into the bigger picture. If there is a topic that I struggle with, I make sure to fully understand it myself firsthand then teach it to someone else. My cat has heard me teach many concepts to her!
I would never recommend pulling an all nighter, as is so popular with students these days. Your body needs adequate time sleeping in order to process information from the day and especially the information from studying. Eating healthy, drinking water, and sleeping will help you perform much better on tests than if you were to come to the test half dead with exhaustion and your brain functioning so slowly that you barely survive the test.
I use a careful blend of time management, mindful studying, and taking care of myself physically to prepare for tests. After all, tests can tell you what else you have an opportunity to learn!

Olivia from Virginia
College Junior
Jefferson College of Health Sciences