Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices were formulated through research into the best test prep practices universally as well as discovering which methods work best for me and my schedule. Around one to two weeks before my exams I begin the test prep. My first step is rereading my notes and highlighting the key ideas or phrases within them. Once this task is complete I take the highlighted ideas and phrases as well as any other supplementary information that could help me and put it into a Quizlet set. Having a Quizlet account is a game-changer as you can use flashcards, memory games, and test yourself which are all strategies that help with memorization and comprehension. Typically I go through the flashcard set three times, then I test myself to see my understanding of the material. If I receive less than a 100% on the Quizlet quiz, I use the learn feature on Quizlet, then take the quiz again. Essentially I just continue to use the flashcards and learn features on Quizlet until I consistently score a 100% so that I know I completely understand the material. Once I achieve that I rewrite the notes and study them until the exam. I believe that these strategies work for me as they incorporate research proven facts such as the fact that testing yourself on the material helps you to better comprehend the information. Research also says that handwriting notes helps you to understand information better as well which is why I handwrite my original notes and my second copy of notes too. These two factors combined with the research that goes into making the flashcards and the repeated study of the flashcards is what makes my test preparation practices so successful. Even without such an involved study schedule the best thing you can do is handwrite your notes consistently and create a Quizlet which the main concepts, ideas, and definitions in order to study. This constant expose to the class material has monumental results.

Mia from Maryland
College Sophomore
University of Pittsburgh