Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I originally took the ACT and SAT not feeling that I needed any test preparation assistance. Boy was I mistaken! I originally took the ACT test in the spring of 2019 and scored 26. Around that same time, I also took the SAT and scored 1300. Although the scores are considered pretty good, I felt that I was capable of so much more and started researching programs for college prep.

For my ACT and SAT preparation, I used the Kaplan test prep program. I found it really helpful because not only did they send a book to prepare, they also provided on-site classes at Emory University that I could attend as well as on-line classes. I spent about six months preparing and studied the modules every week and really delved into the program enthusiastically. Because I was attending dual-enrollment classes and engaged in two internships at Georgia Tech and MIT online, I did not have as much time as I needed to really feel confident that I was able to do my best but I studied with all of the free time that I had available.

In addition to my Kaplan plan, the Engages Program, my Internship with Georgia Tech did some ACT test preparation and said that the program would increase our ACT scores by four to six points. Although somewhat skeptical, I went through the program with Georgia Tech and then scheduled to take the ACT and SAT again and followed my parent's advice to get at least eight hours of sleep prior to taking the exams again. I felt much more prepared taking the subsequent exams and scored a 32 on the ACT with a 33 superscore and received a score of 1330 on the SAT.

I also did very well on the subject test and as a result, was accepted to Harvey Mudd, UVA, Emory, Dartmouth, Georgia Tech, Brandeis and Oxford, I am seriously considering Georgia Tech because it is the more affordable school that is excellent in the field of engineering. Since my major will be biomedical engineering, I am trying to make the best choice in terms of rigor and affordability.

Nathaniel from Georgia
High School Senior
Drew Charter High School