Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For any student there are many tests and quizzes with most being a high percentage of your grade. Finding the right way to study may be difficult especially if you have multiple tests to study for. To increase my chances of getting the best grade, the studying strategies I use are repetition, review early, and sleep at least eight hours the night before.
Studying by repeating the habits I have, continuously leads to success on testing days. I will look over my notes multiple times. By re-reading over notes consistently, the brain start to remember the content so on the testing day when you see the questions you will remember the answer from the notes. Also, reworking math problems also prepares your brain for the test. You get used to solving the same type of problem multiple times which makes is easier when you see those problems on the testing day.
Another strategy is studying in advance. Studying the night before is the key to failure of higher level exams. This may work for like a vocab test or a basic skills test but for more tests like calculus and other AP exams this will not work. In AP environmental I used to wait till the last day to study and ended up getting Cs or lower on every exam. Then I started studying every day and ended getting A’s and B’s on all the tests after I changed my studying habits.
Getting the right amount of sleep a night is key to getting a good grade on exams. If you do not acquire enough sleep the night before you could wake up with a headache and you will not be focused on taking the exam at all. Also, if you do not get proper sleep your brain will take a longer to wake up and your memory of what you studied will be a blur. Getting at least eight hours a sleep allows your brain to be fully functioning by the time the test is occurring and will result in a better grade.
If you don’t to be that person on testing day the blanks out follow the three strategies listed and you should be able to increase your test scores. This helped when transiting from middle to high school and honors to AP.

John from Florida
High School Senior
Western High School