Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Ever since I can remember, I have had a severe test anxiety and have performed poorly on subjects that I am unfamiliar with as well as the ones I am very familiar with. During my college experience, I have adapted many new ways to approach test anxiety. At first, I attempted to replicate my previous test preparation practices, such as extreme stressing and intense studying, although I realized that I did not retain much information and gave up once something distracted my mind. In addition to this, my life had gotten much busier due to my engagement of extracurricular activity as well as family circumstances that I could not control. Thus, I did not have enough time to study in the ways that I intended to. In turn, I decided to change my methods of preparing for a test in order to reduce my stress and improve my scores. I created a method for studying that made my time more effective and efficient. Rather than studying for hours before class, I began studying three days ahead of time taking pieces of the information and learning the in 30 minute increments. After each day, I would review the information for the test every night. In many case, I would create a song out of an word in order to remember its meaning. I first began to use this method in my Sociology class and it worked very well for me. On the day of the test, I would wake up early, eat a good breakfast, go to class early, pray, and review my notes. Once I began using these techniques, I felt more prepared and less stressed in general.

Grace from Tennessee
College Sophomore
Motlow State Community College