Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best method to be able to succeed on any test is constant repetition. My brain, and I am sure many others' brains as well, need repetition in order to be able to fully absorb information. For this reason, Quizlet has been my savior. For any test I have, I will put all my notes into easily digestible flashcards on Quizlet. From there, I use the "test" feature to be able to recall important information by forcing myself to type out the answers. This way, I am forcing myself to recall the information from my brain rather than just reading the words off a piece of paper. Making yourself recall the information on your own tests whether or not you truly know the information and that you are not simply memorizing it. Another important test preparation practice is constant breaks. If I focus on studying for too long, I will become distracted and will not pay attention. Constant breaks are a great way to give your brain some time to absorb the information and refresh most mentally and emotionally (test stress is real!). It is important, however, that you maintain some level of discipline to insure your small breaks do not extend on for hours. Lastly, taking test after test can be draining, especially during the end of the year when it seems that there are infinite AP tests, finals, and so on to take. To combat this, I study every test with the thought in mind that once it is over, it is one less test I ever have to take and that I am one step closer to being done with the class! You will always feel better knowing that you spent time studying once you begin a test and realize that you know the content and will be scoring an amazing grade. Self-motivation is key!

Elizabeth from Florida
High School Senior
Everglades High School