Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is often difficult to use in every situation, mostly due to the fact that not every situation can be dealt with using the same practice techniques. This took a lot of sleepless and exhausting nights for me to understand. However, it helped me to conclude that the best way to practice for any test is to first realize that they are all different and everyone practices for them differently. While other students could stay up till 2 am and come in early that morning working like Einstein, I came in, deprived of sleep, energy, and everything I was studying the night before. I began stressing because I would waste so much time to hardly understand anything. So I decided to take a different approach than that of my classmates, I became independent with studying and focused solely on my textbooks and other resources. It improved my understanding and ability to focus, regardless of my previous distractions. Although it made classes like economy and English easier to understand, I still failed to grasp geometry and algebra courses. It was becoming too hard for me to understand on paper without a guide. Tests were coming up and with not much help I turned to my math teacher to help me prepare for my upcoming tests. It was then I realized I was better studying differently for different classes. With English and economy, I could study alone, but I could comprehend trigonometry and algebra better with someone to help me step by step. Being patient, calm, and positive as well as reaching out to educators helped me become prepared for tests because I understood that I comprehend courses differently, I understood that I studied differently from everyone, which turned out completely fine for me in the long run.

Totsoni from New Mexico
High School Senior
Rio Rancho Cyber Academy