Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are hundreds of ways to prepare for tests, and each person has to find their own best fit. For myself when preparing for the ACT what I found to be most helpful were practice tests. You might know all the answers, but just as important is knowing the style of question. This is particularly important for the ACT itself, as they ask questions in a rather unusual way, not asking for facts so much as your utilization of those facts. As I took the ACT twice it could even be said that the first time I took it was a sort of practice as well. It ended up being well worth my while though, because my composite score went up by three points the second time I took it. It is important to find practice tests that are authentic though, because practicing for the wrong test could be a catastrophic mistake! The other methods I used in conjunction with the tests were ACT guides and educational apps. I reviewed my incorrect answers from the practices, and then studied my difficult points using helpful apps like Khan academy. The guides were helpful in that they were versatile and covered all areas of the ACT with even more practice questions, explanations, and general review of all needed areas. An important tool for test prep is, believe it or not, music. Music can help improve the focus and, especially in my case, keep you awake! I find electronic/techno to be especially good for my purposes. ( I like to call these styles my "audible caffeine" ) It is important to know what to expect on test day, so that you can focus on the test more efficiently, rather than worrying about the different unexpected things you face and losing concentration. I accomplished this by reading guides, making a checklist, and gathering what I needed the night before. the less you have to worry about the day of the test the better! In summary, practice and experience are what I found to be my best preparations for the big day, but consistent study, lists, and gathering everything you need is imperative

Lydia from Idaho
College Freshman
Bob Jones University