Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying has always been a hard subject to successfully grasp as a collective unit, since everyone has their own unique way of studying. Therefore, there exists quite the plethora of unique studying methods, tips, strategies, and guidelines that have benefited students and returning students with reaching their desired goals. However, thanks to the vast electronic reaches of the internet and past upperclassmen that I had befriended in my earlier years, I have contently been following a lenient yet effective method of studying that I would very much so happy to explain in case any wandering lost soul is interested in trying out my method.

Before we begin, I must stress the need of silencing all electronics, since they tend to derail one's train of thought and greatly distract people from the task at hand. If you do need your phone for note studying purposes, then instead turn off all of your notifications so that there will be no distractions from the task at hand. Once finishing the detox process of social media platforms, I would suggest changing into comfortable clothing and find your ideal working environment. For me I like a little noise in the background, so I tend to leave my music playlist on a low volume level on, so the resonating beat and lyrics won’t distract me. Next I usually take out my notes and scan through them, highlighting what I find to be major key points before writing said key information on either flash cards or posted notes with a small visual image so that I can identify what I’m trying to study more effectively. After scanning and rewriting key elements from all of my notes, which is a process I do for about six of my classes, I then follow up with a ten-minute break in order to do some self care, since a healthy body makes a healthy mind.

Lastly after taking care of my body’s needs, I take the time to go over my notes one last time before I decide to go to sleep. I really hope that my studying method was able to help those that need it.

Johnathan from California
High School Senior
Highland Highschool