Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I used to prepare for a test, I usually got very nervous. Over the years I have been known to be a poor tester. I always knew how to do everything but it seemed the form of studying and preparation for the tests that I took were not very useful. All I used to do to prepare was look over my notes I took in class and the class work that I completed and called it a day. In the end I always finished with good grades and I never had a problem passing any class. I usually finished every year with all of my grades in the low to mid 90's some even upper 90's, however I never was great on the tests. Now, at our school we are allowed remediation on tests which has opened doors for new ways to prep and allows me to be a little less worrisome when I end up taking these summatives. However at the beginning of last year my habits changed on the way I studied for tests. It was different for me for every course type. For math I would ask the teacher for extra worksheets to do and then correct them with the teacher in my flex period the next day. I also try and solve out problems that are going to be above the requirements because it will give me a more firm understanding of what is asked of me and how difficult the basics are. For my biological science classes, depending on the subject, I would most likely make flash cards of definitions and I would create a Quizlet list to help me memorize the words and meanings of all of them by using a fun interactive website that helps me focus. Granted I have never had a problem in biology as it seemingly comes natural to me and I thoroughly enjoy the subject. For my history and English tests, I would also make flash cards to memorize all the different people, battles, and vocabulary that go along with the subject. So in the end depending on the course, my habits of preparation varies but is most unique compared to a lot of other people in my Calculus course. When all is said and done, my grades have been improved by my new study habits.

Tyler from New Hampshire
High School Senior
John Stark Regional High School