Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a young adult there have been times in my life where I have struggled to prepare for an exam. It took me several years to acquire the perfect study method that works and helps me retain the information needed to pass the exam. The most advantageous way for me to study is in a quiet room with a whiteboard. The whiteboard provides an easy way to write out material and solidify the information. A whiteboard also provides free range to have a clear stream of consciousness, whereas a pad and paper can get very disorganized. A white board is an excellent source of organization because of the clean white background and the ability to assign different topics of information to different colors of markers. This study method is successful for me because on the test, I can think about when I wrote down the material and be able to remember it more quickly. The study method of reviewing the material in chronological order of how it was taught is also helpful because of they way teachers organize their lessons to effectively embed the information into students minds. Therefore, studying material in the same order of how it was taught will make it easier to recall when going over the information again. Although, a study method is not the lone participant in preparation practice. Ideal timing and proper environment are essential as well. The best time for me to study is 3-5 days before a test. This provides more than enough time to prepare myself and doesn't force me to cram all of the information into one night. In addition to timing, a critical part of preparing is a quiet room. A quiet room with minimal distractions will help focus my attention on my work. All in all, my greatest test preparation practice is to study material chronologically 3-5 days before the test in a quiet room with a whiteboard. As an AP scholar, I can confidently say that this study method is the best for me and produces exceptional results.

Rachel from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
West Allegheny