Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

They say that the four main types of learning styles (visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic) and a person could be strictly in one category or be a little of each. Visual learners learn well with charts, graphs, or pictures. Auditory learners would benefit from lectures, podcasts, and reciting back the information. Reading/writing learners learn well from taking their own notes or highlighting a passage. Kinesthetic learners are perceptive to touch and movement, therefore hands on activities and labs help to aid their learning.
Whatever group that you are in really dictates how effective each way of studying is to that one person. Everyone learns differently and because of this there isn’t one cut and dry study formula for success; it differs for everyone out there.
For me, I am a predominantly visual learner but also a little bit of a reading/writing learner. Because I am a big visual learner, flow charts and any infographic type visual aides are my go to. When I am preparing for a quiz or a test, my first step is to organize all of the topics I need to cover in a list ordered by priority. I usually do this a little less then a week before the test. This helps me visualize what to study and how in depth in need to as well. The second step, a few days before the test, is to go through all the material and take notes on it. I draw charts and graphs anytime it pertains or when it is useful to organize a lot of information from one topic. The last step I take to study a day or two before the actual test is to rewrite my notes and make another list of what I don’t have good grasp on yet. I study the last few topics by going online to find practice questions on the topic I am studying. Then I hope for the best!
This type of study schedule works for me as a primarily visual and some reading/writing learner but there might be some parts that are helpful to anyone looking for an efficient way to study.

Erin from California
High School Senior
Livermore High School