Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for tests is essential in order to be successful. And there are many ways to do this and depends on the person and what they like to do. My favorite way to study and prepare for a test involves a few essential things. One of them is taking good notes during class lectures to ensure you have the correct information directly from the professor. I scramble in class to write down as much as I can about what they are talking about and later I am able to look over those in the future. I also like to type those up so I am able to keep them on my laptop and keep them all together because sometimes papers can be ripped out and lost out of a notebook. By typing them up I am also able to go over the notes and read them again while I enter them into Word. Another thing that helps me prepare is to read the book and take notes while I am reading. This allows me to highlight the main points from each chapter and focus on those as they are more likely to be the central focus of the test. Also, by writing down notes focused on the text I learn the information more as it is scientifically proved that handwriting your notes helps you remember them more. By using these studying practices to prepare for a test I have been able to be successful in some of the hardest classes in school.

Katelyn from Nebraska
College Sophomore
Concordia University Nebraska