Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Testing is a big part in my life. Being a nursing student, I take about three or tests weekly. For me, every week, this is a struggle since I have a test anxiety. Testing does not come easy to me; I may know the material really well and can talk about it, but once it is on paper, my mind goes blank: this is a problem. Since testing is a part of my everyday life, I needed to come up with ways that can benefit me academically.
My go to test preparing technique is to write then rewrite and then rewrite again. When I first take down notes I write them out, I feel like I can retain things better that way. Once I go home, I go rewrite the PowerPoint’s and add information from the book to enhance the information that is presented to me. Having a repetitive process truly helps a lot because it seems like a rehearsal. You are writing the same information over and over again and feeding that knowledge in your brain repetitively that to me stays with you longer. I also color code my notes when I write which also impacts my studying because I categorize the material with the colors that I have which helps me remember things when I think about it.
Another thing I do is that helps is making flashcards. When I make flashcards, I write information or a question on one side, and on the other I would write the answer and/or information that goes along with the front side. After doing that, I play memory. I would lay all the flashcards that I made out and then answer the ones I know, and with the ones remaining, I know that is what I need to focus and study on more. This truly helps because not only am I writing out the information, but I play a game to make studying less boring and find ways to retain that information in an easier way. Not only that, this also gives me an idea on what I need to put my focus on more and what I already know.
Lastly, what I do are tons of practice questions. Practice questions not only prepare me for the test, but it makes me feel much more comfortable due to my test anxiety. Doing practice questions test what I have learned and what I should be focusing on because a lot of the information can get overwhelming. Doing practice questions gives me a sense of comfort in knowing what could show up and helps me prepare more. Practice questions also helps with knowing what to eliminate and understand what the question is really asking and how they are trying to trick you. I have a tendency of narrowing my options to the best two answers and then picking the wrong one. When doing practice questions, it helps me understand and realize what I am doing wrong and see what I need to focus on.

Rukhsar from Illinois
College Junior
North Park University