Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My best test preparation practices utilize a combination of review and application practice. I review the material, by reading, reciting aloud and writing the material down, in particular, material that I know I am struggling with. I then take the content and create test material or seek out practice test material depending on the topics. I then take practice tests multiple times until I receive excelling scores on my practice tests. Any topics that i struggle with during the practice tests I go back and review and re-read, re-write. The key is to review the materials in multiple formats so that I am able to retain the information and recall in multiple different formats. I know that I am a kinesthetic learner and have to engrain the information by using multiple formats of material review. I have to be conscious of my attention to the material and listen to my body and mind. There are some days where I realize that I may be more distracted than others. For example, listening to music sometimes is a study aid, and other days can be very distracting. Ultimately I know that I have to use multiple different formats to retain and review materials which has taken years of trial and error.

Amy from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona College of Nursing DNP program