Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparations vary for differing subjects, but the one constant test prep strategy is to work hard, and then pray that my hard work is reflected in my test score. Take the ACT for example, that exam is very different from standard school course tests. However, I worked hard studying, taking hundreds of practice tests, and reading success tips, and then test day came, and I prayed my score would reflect my hard work. This strategy has evolved over time. I first thought that all I needed was hard work, but I soon realized that I was wrong. I tried to accomplish things without relying on God's strength and power. Reading the Bible, I knew that I couldn't do things on my own, but I also needed to do my part. So my test preparation practice changed from relying solely on myself, to doing my hard work, then leaning into the future and plans that God has for me.

Emma from California
High School Senior
Liberty High School