Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation can be taxing if you aren't excited about what you are learning. My first practice to prepare for a test is to make it fun. I do this by repeating vocabulary to a catchy tune or making terms and their definitions rhyme so I can have fun recalling the information. You can also find more material online which may describe the topic in a way you can understand. I like to watch videos explaining the chapter I'm learning about because videos often maintain my attention throughout the time period. When learning is fun, you’re more likely to comprehend/remember the information as well as stay focused during the time allotted to study. My second tip would be to understand what you are learning. Many times, especially when rushing, it's easy to memorize without understanding the concepts. This could be detrimental to your learning. You may pass the test, but you will not be able to perform the concepts or progress very far. I like to read before and after the chapters I need to study so I can grasp all of the information. Another practice I use is to talk to someone who knows the concepts better than I do. This helps me get another perspective. Not only can this person aid you academically, but they will also keep you accountable and check in to make sure you are taking the time to study. You can talk to your teacher or a tutor, but it helps to seek guidance when you are preparing for a test. I keep great relationships with all of my instructors. I maintain communication through emails and conversation during class. This is beneficial for test preparation and your experience during the school year. My last test preparation practice is to remove any excuses. Excuses will help you procrastinate which will, in turn, lead you to do poorly on the test. Remove excuses by finding a secluded space to study, doing your research, and setting aside time to prepare. When you make studying a priority, you will make time for it. Thank You

Debra from Oklahoma
High School Senior