Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As with most students, no matter the academic level, I experience test anxiety. Over the years I have developed a test preparation method that assures I go into any test feeling as confident as possible. Firstly, I gather all information the instructor has given, such as: reading directives, lecture videos, graded assignments, and study guides. I go through and take notes on all assigned reading and lecture videos, which I always find extra hints and tricks in the lecture videos from the instructor. I also look through all old assignments to make sure I fully understand any information that was previously incorrect. I then complete any study guides that are provided for each chapter and/or the test itself. Going into a test knowing that I have done all that I could with the information provided to me gives me a sense of ease, that I have covered all of my bases. Lastly, I chew gum during the test because it seems to be an outlet for any nervous energy that I may have. It is also said to help improve your memory during test taking if you chew gum while you study and then again during the test. In all reality, the key to doing well on any test is to truly learn the information given and have faith that you have done everything possible to be a successful student because giving your best will always be good enough.

Jamie from Oregon
College Junior
Western Governor's University