Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Bethany Niman
Tulsa Community College

My name is Bethany Niman and I am a non-traditional student at Tulsa Community College in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Going back to college in my thirties, I got my GED at the age of 31, I did not know what to expect. How many hours would I need to study, how would I retain the information the best, and would I be able to keep up with the curriculum? Instead of allowing these questions to overwhelm me, I did what I wish more students did more often, I sought help. Each and every department at my college has an area of specialization, so I started with TRIO Student Support Services (AKA TRIO SSS). TRIO SSS is a federal grant program that help students at all level’s complete college. Those services include individual counselors, personal tutors, and tuition waiver access before other students. After being accepted into TRIO Student Support Services, I jumped right into getting the help I needed. I quickly realized I there were three things that I needed to be successful in taking. First, recording the lectures. Second, simultaneously taking notes. Third, I suffer from testing anxiety, so I started using the testing facility for test. These three things work hand-in-hand together, allowing me to be the most successful student I can be. Please allow me to explain a little deeper.
During my first semester at Tulsa Community College I took English Comp II. While the class required several papers to be written, it also required me to patiently listen to new information regarding the course material. I realized quickly that I did not take notes fast enough to keep up with TEDx talks and professional speakers but recording lectures in a college setting was not normally accepted. I started researching ways to not break any rules, but I still needed to help keeping up with my classes. After talking to my advisor at TRIO, Kaylie Bradley, I was informed that Tulsa Community College offers a program to students who need a little h

Bethany from Oklahoma
College Sophomore
Tulsa Community College