Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To keep myself organized and prepared, I use a decorated planner. I purchased packets of motivational stickers and ones designed for to-do items. They may seem silly, but they help so much! A small hedgehog telling me to study actually works and benefits my grades. After my hedgehog or other critter motivates me, I pull out my notebook and 20 colorful pens. I can't forget my colorful highlighters. Now I write down all of my notes in neat penmanship and sometimes I will put another motivational sticker on them. Once my notes are neatly set, I head over to a local coffee shop. I order a chocolate chip frappe. I'm now ready to properly study. I take out my notes and my highlighters and go over each section. Yellow is for terms. Blue is for questions. Purple is for information I will need to go over again. With sticky notes in the shape of "Stranger Things" characters, I write down extra details. After studying for thirty minutes, I take a break. I put in my earphones and watch a quick video on my phone. Once I feel ready to study again, I ask my friend to come to the coffee shop to study. We exchange notes and our thoughts of "What does this mean?" The next day, I will go up to my teacher and ask for clarification on some notes I am confused about that the internet nor my friend could not help me with. My planner, colorful stationary, local coffee shop, stickers, and my study partner are what I credit for my academic success. The neatness and creativity keep me on track. My friend helps greatly too because we are able to teach and learn from each other. It makes us feel more prepared for exams when we ask each other questions and we are able to answer them.

Sol from Texas
High School Senior
Jimmy Carter Early College High School