Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To be successful when taking a test, the individual needs to utilize FRAF. In other words, before completing an assessment, one must first Familiarize themselves with the information, Repeat the content to ingrain it into their memory, Apply the knowledge through an explanation of the subject to a peer, and Further their education by recognizing these concepts in real life. Successful test taking is achievable with a little bit of time and a lot of FRAF.
Familiarization is the first step in any test-preparation process. In order to prepare for an evaluation, you must first have an understanding of the concepts it entails. This step requires attending lectures, thorough note-taking, and understanding the logic behind the material. Without it, the student would not have a strong foundation to begin their study habits.
After the information is identified, the student must deepen their understanding of these concepts. Through repetition, concepts are more efficiently rooted in one’s memory. The act of repetition includes creating flashcards, utilizing the professor’s office hours, and highlighting key information in their notes.
Once the student has a grasp of the material on the test, it is important to apply that knowledge to gain a more confident understanding of it. This step includes relaying the information to another student or teaching the concepts to a friend that is experiencing difficulty in the class. If that struggling peer now has a better sense of the material because of the student’s teaching efforts, then it is clear that their knowledge about the tested information is proficient.
Lastly, it is vital for the student to further their understanding of this subject by recognizing its content in real life. This way, their knowledge regarding the test’s information remains fresh. Without this step, this knowledge is eager to slip away as more content enters an individual’s brain from other classes. FRAF works for me, and I know it will work for others!

Ansleigh from Texas
College Sophomore
Texas Tech University