Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation is adaptable to all of my subjects and easy to share with my classmates. What I do is first make a small group to study with and exchange notes with. I do this to keep myself and my peers accountable. I then read through my notes I took in class to remind myself on what I struggled with understanding. Sometimes I will look up videos explaining the subject to self teach the topic. I then create a "cheat sheet" which I do not use to cheat on test as I do not condone cheating. I call it a cheat sheet because on there I write what I need for the test and what I can't remember such as formulas or vocabulary. Writing and researching helps me understand those topics better and helps me remember them for the test. I then share it with my study group and we each read over everyone else's notes and ask for clarification for topics. It's important to understand what I am learning more than memorization. This helps me carry my knowledge year to year and continue to grow as as scholar.

Megan from Louisiana
High School Senior
Hahnville High School