Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are many test preparation methods, some work and others do not. Cramming and last minute studying are at the bottom of the best practices to study. For me, I have learned that spaced studying is the best method. This involves studying for the topic over the course of multiple sessions and not one large cramming session the night before. Last minute cramming for hours overloads the brain and doesn’t allow for full comprehension. To give a simple example, if someone has a test on Friday, it’s more logical to study for thirty minutes each day instead of studying for two hours the night before. My mom has always told me that you remember the beginnings and ends to your studying sessions. That means the more often one studies the more beginnings and endings of the study session there is.

Another important key point is to study in different ways each time. The first day watch a crash course Youtube video on the topic you’re studying. The next day use quizlet, an online flash card platform to learn the vocabulary. The next day read the chapter in the book. Final day do a review of all three to finalize the studying. Studies show that presenting information in different formats increases retention rates. Also some people respond better to visual learning via videos and images versus reading straight up notes. And others prefer reading notes without the pictures. That’s why it’s important to learn information in all types of ways because the information might stick in your memory better one way. I like to use a combination of all of them and can only study alone in a quiet room with no distractions. These methods and practices have worked very well for me my entire life and will be using the same skills to succeed in college.

Daniel from New Jersey
High School Senior
Paul VI High School