Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I think that learning is different for every single person. But I’ve found some ways that help me learn and I think other people might benefit from them too. For every single test or quiz I take I write out all the most important notes or questions down on scrap sheets or paper. Generally it’s writing down all the answers to the study guide, or steps on how to do different types of math problems, or even just words and their definitions. If it’s something I need to remember, it’s written down. I have special felt tip pens that I use to write all the information down on. Each sheet of paper gets three different colored pens for it and I rotate between them to make it look aesthetically pleasing. So that’s what I do to make sure I pass all my tests. I write down all the information I need to remember in fun colors right before I go to bed. I do it right before I go to bed because it’s scientifically proven to help cement the facts into your brain. Beyond this I religiously use quizlet, and my friends and I make really detailed and intense study guides and share them with a bunch of people so that we all get some more information. Usually we’ve all missed something. So: drill and kill with quizlet, collect as much information as possible in a study guide, write down everything I need to know the night before. And that’s the secret to my success.

Sarah from Minnesota
High School Senior
Jefferson High School