Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test taking has always been a challenge for me. I usually tense up and get anxious in fear I suddenly forgot what I’ve learned over the past few months. To over come that I just look at the clock, and figure out how much time I have to get the section finished and I just take a few breaths and get to work. My study habits prepare me greatly for my tests, I am a a visual learner so it is a little more challenging to retain information.
In order to remember information for an upcoming test, I prepare notecards with a question in the front side, and the answer on the back side, depending on the subject I will make about fifty notecards. After I have created the cards I will spend an hour of studying them, asking myself out loud what the question is and trying to recite the answer before flipping the card over. When I get it correct I tell myself good job and go onto the next card. When I stumble across questions it takes me a while to answer I place them in a pile and go over those separately. This is one way I learn how remember information and it helps me tremendously through repetition.
Another way I study is by looking at notes I have written in my notebook. I section off about five chapters a day, and read the notes on the chapters over. I look for things I have highlighted or put stars by just Incase they appear on the test. Once I have spent one rereading the first five chapters and looking over definitions and the chapter summaries, I go into the next five chapter outlines. I then repeat the process of looking for italicized words, highlighted sentences, or things I have placed symbols by to make them stand out. I repeat this process for the remainder of the chapters I need to study for. This method also works for me as it helps me dig through information to locate key words or phrases, and once I have seen certain phrases highlighted or have seen them enough times I will remember them. Both of these methods help me tremendously with my tests.

Natalie from Florida
High School Senior
Labelle high school