Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe that I have great test preparation practices. First, if I know I have a test coming up I start to prepare for it at least a week before it. I start by reading all the notes I have taken of the material that I will be tested on. Then, I try to make a study guide with the most valuable information on it. After that, I continue to practice the information on the study guide and try to learn it. Another helpful way I prepare for tests is by studying with others in the same class. By being able to talk through the information and try to explain it to others, I begin to learn more. The more people you can study with, the more beneficial it can be because you can have the material explained to you in several different ways. By starting a week in advance you can slowly learn the information each day instead of cramming it into the night before. This way you can grasp more of the information instead of only a small amount. Also, it can be particularly helpful to go to any review session your teacher or teaching assistant might hold. These can be helpful because the teacher or assistant might offer helpful ways to study, particular information to study, or offer advice. After all of this though, it is important to not stress over the test because then you do worse. By studying in advance you can feel more prepared and take more time to sleep and eat healthy meals, which will help your memory and learning in the long run. Also, on the day of the test i find it helpful to make myself feel confident by getting enough sleep, eating a good meal, and by looking confident so that I feel more confident. By doing all of this I can take tests with less stress and anxiety.

Destiny from Pennsylvania
College Sophomore
University of Pittsburgh