Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In my years of academia and preparing for several standardized tests and tests in class, I found that the best ways to study are to create a study guide of main topics and, without notes, create a list of how each topic can be applied or what each topic means. Then find the applications or definitions in your notes and expand upon the list that you made earlier. Using this list, you and a friend should create a list of questions/problems for each other, like a practice test. Each person should take the other's test and learn how to properly apply key concepts. This method allows both people to study on their own and then test their knowledge with another. If there are any key concepts that are misunderstood, they can be worked through together, and if someone is more well-versed in a subject than another, they can help the other learn. This method allows students to learn on their own, in practice, with another, and by teaching. Multiple sessions of this will create students who can ace any test they are administered.

Brandon from Pennsylvania
College Junior
University of Pittsburgh