Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

On the day of an exam its natural to be nervous about what questions will be asked and whether or not you are truly prepared for what’s to come, but with the right tools you should be confident walking into the testing room. While I was in high school I never really studied for exams but I knew that wasn’t going to last long as a I continued my education in college. The correct way to prepare for an exam doesn’t start a day or two before the exam instead it starts as soon as you learn the material. Following along and taking notes in the class is the first step to prepare for an exam. Then, it is followed by going over your notes after every single class, that way if questions arise you are able to ask the professor or your fellow classmates before you are tested on the subject. By going over my notes, it helps whatever was taught that day stick in my head. Creating a study group to go over problems from each subject or certain materials has not only improved my exam scores tremendously but has also allowed me to learn how to go about things a different way from my classmates. Taking an exam can be overwhelming but if you properly prepare the exam can be a walk in the park. The steps listed above have prepared me for numerous exams, and I believe if you follow them you will be well prepared too.

Elizabeth from Pennsylvania
College Sophomore
Bucks County Community College