Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before every exam, the test-taker must remember a key phrase: "Less is more." Constantly thinking about an exam instead of actually trying to retain information and study for it is the first step towards failure. With every test, finding a zone or a peaceful state of mind encourages rational thinking and will help prevent the person taking the test from writing down a completely illogical answer. Preparing for an exam, however, should not stop at the meditation state. The best ways to study consist of one's body posture, sources of distraction, and the layout of their notes.
Body posture is extremely important when it comes to studying. Not only does it help avoid pain in the lower back, it also helps with concentration and long term memory retention. Sitting up straight is very difficult, especially when one's spine isn't always the main focus of that person's exam. However, one should never dismiss their posture and to help with that, sitting at a desk or at a table with a chair that will support one's back is very important. A bed, sofa, or even the floor is not an ideal study zone. When sitting at a desk or table, one's posture is even more apparent, but a key trick is to tuck the pelvis underneath one's glutes every so often. This will help regulate one's posture, adding to the perfect study environment.
The second thing is to make sure that one's space for studying is distraction-free. Whether that means plugging in earphones or going to the library, the best thing one could do to help them prepare for an exam is concentration. How long one spends looking at their notes depends on the study environment, and it is different for everyone when it comes to where they work best.
Lastly, the layout of one's notes is one of, if not, the most important factors in preparing for an exam. The layout of one's notes is essential in determining how well one can retain information. Using a detailed format to one's notes will always give way to an effective study session.

Eva from Georgia
High School Senior
Campbell High School