Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of ever difficulty lies opportunity.”. This is not only true for life as a whole, but especially for the tests and trials that accompany them. With each test comes an opportunity: an opportunity to plan, prepare, and succeed, and an opportunity to fail. With the right preparation and focus, tests can become less stressful and an accurate representation of the knowledge you have.
The first step to studying is realize that all tests are not created equal and are not the same. To prepare for a test, one must understand the format and the material that will be tested. In order to prepare well, you need info to prepare from. This requires focus and attention throughout the course good studying comes from good notes which can be found in the form of notes, worksheets, projects, and books.
Once you have compiled the course’s notes and material, it is time to review and start studying. Students use many different techniques and practices. Some use flashcards, others create worksheets, and some even just read the book. Find a technique that works for you. Find one you enjoy and are productive with. Work to perfect it and make it your own. Studying becomes easier when it is more enjoyable and built to your strengths and liking.
Finally, don’t be afraid to seek help from others. Seek supports from friends, from classmates, from teachers, and from mentors. Use as many resources that are available. Find people who want the best for you and your future. As Carol Burnett stated, “Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.”
Overall, use what technique works for you. For me, I prefer to take notes, compile and condense the notes, and create a review to study from. I focus on key topics and major points, then move to the smaller details. I go over it multiple times and often enlist other people to help quiz me. But that’s what works for me, and it may not work for you. You are your own person, and your future lies in your hands.

Dylan from Wisconsin
High School Senior
Lourdes High School