Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Some of my favorite things to help information sink in is to get another person involved with your studying. It could be anyone such as a spouse, parent or a friend. Flash cards or speed drills work well for me. Highlighting most important information can easily be transferred to flash cards. Making studying into a contest or game of knowledge helps make it fun to learn. Writing it down in general has a way of helping information find a memory file within your brain and from there it is a matter of repetition and review.

Starting small and building upon is important. Information overload isn't what we are going for. It's just like getting in shape. We don't lose weight at 20 or 30 pounds a week. It's small incremental "bite sized" achievements that build into an overall accomplishment. Same thing goes for studying. Starting small and then challenging yourself to stretch your brain a little more each time I think works best for me. After all the brain is a muscle.

I've heard it said "You are who you surround yourself with." If I don't care to get the extra help I need because my selected social group has better ideas on how to spend their free time, then I don't feel like I'd make much progress. Success doesn't just happen it is earned. Effort is required so align yourself with someone that helps push you to be the best you. Even better, study with someone who is better than you. The proximity principle can put you in position to really challenge yourself to make the grade instead of daydreaming about what you may be doing Friday night. This I feel is the biggest downfall of most students and their studying. If I am going to Ace my next test it is not going to be because I had a blast going out with friends or playing video games. It is going to be because I put in the effort and took it seriously. I found out how I best study and applied it consistently over time. There is a time and place for fun but also, there is a time to take care of business.

Cody from Iowa
College Sophomore
Southeastern Community College