Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have recently picked up a number of test preparation practices that are extremely useful to me, and now I can't imagine how I was able to prepare for tests before I started doing them. One of the first things I do to prepare for exams is to space out my studying and spend time on each topic and/or chapter that will be covered on the upcoming test. It is a proven fact that your brain retains and receives information better when studying is spread out and not done the night before an exam. After switching from cramming all the material the night before a test, to having 30 minutes a day to study, I found that I did so much better on my exams. A second test preparation I find useful is to watch videos when I get stuck on a topic while I am studying for a test. Not only am I learning the information in a different way, but reading off of notes and a textbook does not fully get to understand something. I also try to get a good, well-rested nights sleep before an exam, but also on the other days when I do not have one. The brain needs time to rest and process all the information that has been put into it, so a good nights sleep will give the brain to do that. It also keeps me focused during a test, so that I am not dosing off and falling asleep. The last thing I try to do to prepare for a test is to get a nutritious breakfast that will fill me up and get my body energized to take the exam. In addition, though, I try my best to not be extremely full before a test because all the blood will go to my stomach instead of brain, and this will make me drowsy and unfocused during a test. In short, for me it is best that I am not too hungry, but also not too full either, and this keeps me from being distracted during a test.

Gladys from Texas
College Freshman
Southwestern Adventist University