Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying for exams seemingly serves as kryptonite for many high school and college students. Whether it be because of procrastination or just simply not wanting to or not knowing how to study, plenty of students remain unfamiliar with an essential part of learning. Preparing for exams can be done in many different ways, but for me, helping other people study is my main source of test preparation. A wise man once told me that to truly learn something, you must be able to teach it/explain it to someone else. Throughout the course of my high school years, teaching and explaining concepts to my peers has allowed me to prepare for exams in an unorthodox yet simple way. Communicating learned information with others to help them succeed is an enormously rewarding feeling that also pushes me to be better as a student, while also ensuring that my grades do not suffer at the expense of helping my classmates. This method of test preparation could not be possible without my own endeavors though, as long nights rereading material and copious notes help guide me to the promise land of that ever so sought after A. By preparing myself to my heart's content, I am also able to serve and assist my classmates in reaching their full potential as a student. In using this "teaching" practice, I do not have just a surefire studying method, but I also have the opportunity to create and expand my relationship with other classmates, forming bonds that could last a lifetime, all because the best preparation for me is preparing those around me,

Connor from Indiana
High School Senior
Franklin Central High School