Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My first strategy for studying is to start early; each day we learn new material, I look over what we talked about to make sure I truly process and understand the material. This way, I can avoid cramming before the test, because cramming information makes me anxious and doesn't help me understand the material, only memorize it. Once I think I have a good understanding of the topic(s), I like to be able to quiz myself. I like making flashcards, or typing up study guides or quizzes that I can fill in. This lets me test my own knowledge so I know what areas I need to focus on. This year, I started using whiteboards to do practice problems and to write out what I know about a certain subject. I like using whiteboards because it is a completely different mode of studying than what I usually do, so it changes the pace because studying the same way over and over can become monotonous and boring. One of my favorite ways to study is with other people. I usually start studying by myself to make sure I learn and understand the material, but studying alone can become boring, which causes me to get distracted and not focus. Studying with my friends allows me to answer questions in a different way and look at things from another point of view, which really challenges my knowledge of the topic(s). It gives me a different perspective, and if I help explain a subject it deepens my understanding of the subject as well. Overall, I am more of a visual and kinesthetic learner, so writing out flashcards and writing on white boards helps me both organize and physically practice the material. Making quizzes for myself and my peers allows me to test my knowledge hands on, which gives me a good understanding of where I stand with the material. Studying as a group with friends lets me aurally process and learn the information. Last but not least, one of the most important things to do before an exam/test is get a good nights rest! A good night of sleep is essential for a great exam outcome.

Olivia from Wisconsin
College Junior
Carroll University