Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Taking tests in school has never been my strong suit. Doing my homework on time, writing papers, and even taking quizzes is not a huge problem for me. I don't know what it is about the word "test" that just makes my brain forget all of the information I know. Fortunately, during high school, I found a new way to study that helps me immensely and allows me to do better when taking tests. My best, and current favorite, test preparation practice that I have is simply not thinking of it as a test. Admittedly, that might sound like something that wouldn't help at all, but to me, that is the best way to study. I look over the current material a little every night, review the previous sections a few days after learning the lesson, and asking the teacher for clarification if I forget but I just consider it as extra studying just to learn the material better and, magically, I perform better on test day. Besides not considering the test an actual test, I didn't change a thing about my routine and I began seeing a positive change in my test scores. My test scores were never terrible but they were not up to the standards I held myself to and was the one thing I longed to change about myself in school. I believe the reason that helps me so much is because I don't get anxious when taking the test. I wouldn't say I used to get nervous when taking tests but I will admit I felt some discomfort when taking test. Whenever we received the syllabus at the beginning of the semester, tests and quizzes had the majority of the percentage in weight of our final grade and I used to consider that greatly. I believed if I did bad on my tests, my grade would fall and it ended up becoming a small self-fulfilling prophecy as my "anxiety" led me to perform below what I wanted in test and thus led to a decline in my final grade. Everyone has their own methods that work for them but ever since discovering that way of thinking, my test grades have never been better.

Alexis from Indiana
College Sophomore
Indiana University Bloomington